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King Arthur Baking Company

King Arthur Baking Company

I am the frontend maintainer of King Arthur Baking Company. King Arthur Baking Company (KAB) has strict standards of accessibilty. All the frontend work I have done for the site requires being able to move through the interface with the keyboard. Building accessible websites require quite a bit more work but doing this work makes all the difference for impaired visitors.

Using Algolia as the backend I have built 2 differen interations of KAB search. Building Algolia components in vanilla JavaScript is more diffcult than building them in a JavaScript framework but still highly maintianable. We added multiple custom Algolia plugins for search faceting. Algolia is extensible and a developer can customize into almost anything. Here is the latest version of search.

I also created a modal print dialog that allows the user to customize their printed recipe. This required a lot of work CSS print styles. It ended up being a feature rich print experience. Click print on this page. Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza.

King Arthur Baking Company fueled a baking craze during the pandemic, doing 2000% more business. I like to think I had a part in that.

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