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Pills Universe

Pills Universe

Backend: OpenSea, web3 apis Frontend: NextJS, SWR, Typescript, Three.js Deploy: Vercel

I work with a group of developers and creators that make the Pills Universe NFTs. I built the interface of the most recent project as a way to re-mint a pill into a new one for a new avatar NFT system. When developing a web3 project using TypeScript becomes extremely valuable to know that the transaction or login process accepts the correct values. Numbers need to make use of the BigNumber types, which uses numbers in a more math driven way, but lets you know that you are using the right one. The data is added with useContext, which adds global state and with Typescript added the dispatch functions work every time. Using ThreeJS I also created the space scene that is used as the background of the interface.

I also maintain the story mode site, which runs on Jekyll and uses Netlify CMS also deployed on Vercel. I can’t say enough positive things about Netlify CMS, a great choice for a simple open source free CMS that just works. We're moving this site over to NextJS and Typescript currently.

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